Titon - Timber & PVCu

Handles, Fittings and Ventilation for PVCu or timber windows and doors

The majority of houses built in the UK have windows manufactured from timber or PVCu. Titon’s wide range of products, including trickle ventilators, lock systems, handles and hinge systems are perfect for fitting to both newly built houses and replacement windows.

Timber frame windowTiton has a team specialising in timber and PVCu products and they can be contacted for technical and installation support, as well as advice on specification to ensure the right products are chosen for an installation. The team liaises closely with the Titon technical and testing department to deliver an integrated approach to product selection.

The range of products available includes Titon’s signature trickle ventilators – Trimvent ®. There are several types of trickle vents – from surface mounted to recessed – as well as glazed-in vents and purpose made acoustic ventilators.

Also for timber and PVCu are Titon’s extensive range of handles, espagnolettes, and hinge and locking systems. These include the Select range of handles which feature push button opening, self latching closure, refined ergonomics, easy operation to reduce wear and tear and a high quality finish thanks to Titon’s new die-casting methods. The Select handles are designed to match the Trimvent range of trickle ventilators.

Titon’s range of espagnolettes and shoot bolts are easy to operate and simple to adjust. They provide added security over traditional window handle and keep-type closures and have been designed for easy fabrication with simple fixings.

Complementing these products are hinges and hinge systems, including tilt-and-turn options and fully reversible window hinges. The ranges feature different window materials, higher security options, ability to clean easily, different methods of restriction and scope for rapid or purge ventilation.

Titon’s customers for its timber and PVCu products include many major window manufacturers and fabricators, as well as specifiers such as local authorities, ALMOs, and RSLs. Titon also works directly with architects, architectural technologists and housebuilders.

If you are requiring information or assistance on fittings for Timber or PVCu windows and doors, email sales@titon.co.uk or please call 01206 713801. They can also put you in touch with a local Timber & PVCu Technical Sales Manager if required.