Semi-Flexible Sound Attenuator Ducting

For use with Titon HRV Q Plus MVHR range 

Semi-Flexible Sound Attenuator DuctingTiton’s Semi Flexible Sound Attenuators consist of a heavy multiple layered corrugated perforated aluminium inner duct with an aluminium/polyester laminated outer jacket.

The space between the inner and outer duct is filled with 25mm sound absorbing material. The duct is fitted with galvanised metal sleeves at both ends to fit to duct work- Female spigots for direct connection to MVHR’s or duct connectors.

Our Semi Flexible Sound Attenuators fulfil all the requirements and are classified as specified within E13180: Ventilation for buildings – Duct work - Dimensions and mechanical requirements for flexible ducts.

Features & Benefits

  • Designed for Titon’s MVHR range
  • Easy to fit and install
  • Semi flexible ducting, minimises airflow resistance
  • Fulfils EN 13180: Ventilation for buildings - Duct work
  • Flexibility in shape and length, assists quick and tidy installations
  • Reduces both duct and breakout sound levels
  • Provides both acoustic and thermal insulation
  • Isolates unit to ducting to help prevent noise transmission through vibrations.



Semi-Flexible Sound Attenuator Ducting

Semi-Flexible Sound Attenuator Ducting




Drawing and Dimensions

Semi Flexible Sound Attenuators - Drawing and Dimensions


Sound Attenuation

Semi Flexible Sound Attenuators - Sound Attenuation


Pressure Loss (Straight Duct)

Semi Flexible Sound Attenuators Pressure Loss


Product Codes

89720 125mm Ø Flexible Silencer 0.5m length F-F

89721 125mm Ø Flexible Silencer 1.0m length F-F

89722 150mm Ø Flexible Silencer 0.5m length F-F

89723 125mm Ø Flexible Silencer 1.0m length F-F


Inner Duct: Aluminium

Barrier: Nonwoven Cloth

Glass Wool Blanket: 25mm, 16kg/m³

Outer Jacket: Alu/Poly Laminate

R-value Glass Wool: 0.65m² K/W

Thermal Conductivity: 0.0385w/(m.k)

Appearance: Aluminium


Temperature Range:
   Inner Duct: -30°C to 250°C
   Outer Jacket: -30°C to 140°C

Operating Pressure: up to +2000 Pa

Operating Air Velocity: max. 10m/s

Min. bending radius: 1 x Ø + 25mm

Standard length: 0.5 & 1.0 metres

Other diameters available to order.


EU (EN 13501-1):

Inner Duct: A1

Outer Jacket: B-s1,d0 mode

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