For those dwellings following the traditional form of ventilation, via intermittent localised extract fans and trickle ventilators, Titon have a wide range of extract fans to assist compliance with Regulations. This can be used in either new build or refurbishment situations and are offered in a number of different variants to suit requirements. All are well established designs and provide compliant ventilation rates.

Axial fans – for window, ceiling or wall applications with short duct runs (up to 1.5m in length).

Centrifugal fans – for ceiling and wall applications where longer and more complex duct runs are required or where lower noise levels are desirable.

Inline fans - for discreet applications where the fan can be located out of sight within a cupboard or roof space and uses ducting to connect to a ceiling mounted room extract terminal and to the outside.

All fan types are available with a number of control options (see product selector) and include Safety Extra Low Voltage (SELV) IPX4 rated versions for safe use in bathrooms or wet areas.

For an animation on how intermittent extract fans work in conjunction with trickle ventilators to provide the background and extract ventilation for a dwelling, click here.

For more information on our new Extract Fan Range, please call our Vent Systems sales team on 01206 713801 or email

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