HRV Duct Cover

For use with Titon HRV units

HRV Duct Covers are designed to conceal the ducting/silencers from the ports at the top of the unit to the ceiling of the property. The ducting cover also helps reduce ducting breakout noise levels into the room. This both improves the overall appearance of the installation and the noise levels.

The covers match the high quality construction and finish of the HRV units and can be easily installed. Access to the control box and ducting can be achieved easily by the removal of the front panel of the ducting covers.

The covers have an adjustable height of 300mm to 400mm so that variations in height of the unit to the ceiling can be accommodated. The covers are suitable for use with rigid or flexible ducting options, and also Titon’s semi-rigid duct attenuators.

There are two types of design of covers, one that is flush with the profile of the units leaving a small area at the ceiling fo rthe ducting to pass through, and the other opens up at the ceiling so that round to rectangular elbows can be used.


Straight - TP585, TP586 & TP587

HRV Duct Cover 



 Flared - TP577, TP578 & TP579

HRV Duct Cover



HRV Duct Cover



HRV Duct Cover


HRV10 Q Plus dimensions




Product Code

HRV1, 1.25 and 1.35 Q Plus:
TP585 (Straight) & TP577 (Flared)

HRV1.75, 2, 2.75, 2.85 and 3 Q Plus:
TP586 (Straight) & TP578 (Flared)

HRV10M, 10.25M Q Plus:
TP587 (Straight) & TP579 (Flared)